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Thank you for visiting. I want to tell you a little about my capacity to assist you with your writing needs.

I have a background in public relations and special event planning as well as radio broadcasting. These over-lapping careers have given me much time and experience to polish my skills as a writer, capable of addressing many needs from radio ads, speeches, business letters, brochures and more.

One of the most exciting experiences in my career was as Assistant Manager of Public Relations for the 1987 World Chess Festival which brought the greatest chess players from around the world to Saint John, New Brunswick where I began my career in broadcasting and freelancing.  As co-manager of the international media center and liaison between major sponsors, grandmasters and the media, I learned a lot and I learned it quickly.  Since then, I have continued to free-lance through the years writing, producing and voicing many radio ads and editing everything from academic research papers to resumes.

My educational experience includes Radio & TV Broadcasting, a three year research-based Bachelor of Arts in Community studies,  followed up most recently by a Bachelor of Education majoring in Literature and History.  In between those degrees, I was employed in radio but then moved into the banking sector where I earned my Investment Funds in Canada and Canadian Securities Course.

While I love the world of education and enjoy my days when I get to connect with students, my first love is writing.  I began writing online at the early site where I have contributed 86 posts under the name of Miridunn ~  mostly on movie and book reviews.  Through the years, I have been a writing and contributing member of many sites where I have enjoyed authour spotlights and other forms of recognition and have made many contacts.

To me, words are magic. My first love is creative writing, in particular poetry. I do hope you will visit too and enjoy my creative endeavours.

As for your writing needs, I am committed to excellence as it is vital for me to take pride in my work. I have superlative copy- editing skills as I work intuitively to help others express their deepest meaning and achieve their intended goal.


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