Posted by: Miriclaire | June 20, 2010

Mineral powder make-up ~ 101

Titanium dioxide powder

Make up fads come and go and a true breakthrough in cosmetics is a rare thing. But with the advent of mineral powder, all that has changed. It is safe to say, mineral powders are here to stay and for very good reasons.

What makes mineral powders so special?  Cosmetic mineral powders are, as suggested, powders manufactured from finely crushed minerals which include titanium oxide and zinc oxide.

Titanium dioxide is used as a pigment and is found in nearly all sunscreens because of its high refractive index and its strong UV light absorbing capabilities. Basically, it helps protect the skin from ultraviolet light and the subsequent damage that causes cell change and premature aging.

Zinc oxide powder

Zinc oxide, like titanium oxide, has a high refractive index as well as antibacterial properties and offers UVA and UVB protection. It has soothing properties and is commonly used in to treat various skin conditions such as diaper rash and inflammation. For people with rosacea,  acne or other skin conditions, zinc oxide can work to both cover the condition’s appearance and treat it. The medical use of zinc oxide goes back at least to the Greek’s, 1st century AD.

Reportedly, neither titanium nor zinc oxides are absorbed by the skin but rather sits on the skins surface – blocking harmful ultraviolet light and reflecting light, as well. As they are not absorbed, they do not irritate or lead to allergic reactions and can be used on even sensitive skin. As these minerals both are water-resistant, they are ideal for humid conditions while allowing your skin to breathe.

Because of the reflective nature of the minerals, the skin does look more radiant and fine lines are not as noticeable. The finish appears flawless.

Selecting a mineral powder may seem simple, but they are not all recreated equally. A high quality mineral powder will contain no talc, fillers, chemicals, dyes or fragrance. It should be completely chemical free although some will offer added ingredients, like one which advertises to have “15 active amino acids to clear the skin of toxins”. Others will boast higher SPF protection and higher is better to protect against deadly skin cancer.

When you purchase your mineral powder, look carefully at the color tone and match it to your own skin tone. Choose one that comes with a good quality brush and easy application. Ensure it is chemical and talc free, after all ~ a mineral powder may claim to be “100% mineral” but talc is also a mineral – just not one you want to apply to your face.

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